Christmas 2009


Avispa’s Adventures is holding its 3rd annual Christmas Celebration this year!  Due to these economic times, we realize that fewer individuals are in the position to help us, help the community.  However, we are also aware that because of the same, there are more families, (and children) that will have difficulty this holiday season.

We would still like to share the Holiday Joy at three separate Christmas Parties.  We estimate that we will once again have at least 500 underprivileged kids in which we will provide with a hot meal and a personal gift (they all have their individual names on them) from Santa.

The First party is scheduled for December 18th for the kids at the School in Corralillos, Filadelfia. (150+ students)

For PICTURES of the Christmas Party in CORRALILLOS 2008, Click HERE

The date of the 2nd party has yet to be determined.

For PICTURES of the Christmas Party in GUARDIA, Click HERE

The Third party, like always is scheduled for Christmas Day in a small “barrio” outside of Playas del Coco (December 25, 2008).  (200+ on the list)

For PICTURES of the Christmas Party in PLAYAS DEL COCO, ClickHERE

Financial Contributions have already been received from:

   Lyall and Kathy McDonnell

   Katherine, Cindy & Laurie (Canada)

   The Brown Family (Costa Rica)

The Schneider Family

Renee and Burt Cheezem

Christmas Gifts/ School Supplies have already been received from:

    Amy Day, Molly Riley and Betsy Grenzebach (MOM!)

    Bedford-Usztan Family   (Texas, USA)

Beverages for all Christmas Parties are being donated by:

    Jose Felix Viales Mendoza

 A Special Thanks goes to John with Papagayo Boat Charters and the Gazo and Mexicano Family for their unlimited hours already spent purchasing gifts, food and WRAPPING the Gifts. They also will be hosting the Coco Christmas Party at their house and Anna is doing the cooking!

Still Needed:

1)   Additional Gifts  (Especially Girls)

2)   Food Items

3)   Ice Cream (100 colones each)

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